Association PRO

Stowarzyszenie Polski Rynek Oprogramowania
Polish Software Market Association

NIP: 526-17-33-342 REGON: 010012308 KRS: 0000121020

Stowarzyszenie “PRO”

03-717 Warszawa, ul. Kłopotowskiego 22
tel./fax: +48 22 762 86 21, e-mail:

Polish Software Market Association PRO is an organization of communal management of copyrights of authors and producers of computer software. PRO operates under the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of February 4th, 1994 and under the decision of the Minister of Culture and Arts (decision No DP/041/Z/2/95 of 01.02.1995), authorizing PRO to communally manage software copyrights.

The Association was registered on September 19th, 1992.

The Association operates in various fields.
Our most important tasks involve:

  • embracing producers and suppliers of software, acting as a promoter and director of the idea to represent common interests of the firms from this sector,
  • building common prestige and the power of the industry, mutual help and cooperation, acquiring the feeling of professional safety, both group and individual,
  • preparation and spreading of interpretation and of the methods to apply laws on copyright and tax law among the members of the Association,
  • cooperation with parliamentary and ministry commissions, giving opinion on draft acts, commenting on important issues concerning laws on the activity of the members of the Association,
  • creating and propagating the idea of development of the IT sector in Poland as a modern branch of industry among government and self-government authorities as well as among activists and economic politicians,
  • running the Polski Rejestr Oprogramowania (the Polish Register of Software) in order to keep record of and to legally protect computer software; aiming at including in the Register a significant part of software produced in Poland,
  • certifying of enterprises, based on investigation of compliance of the used software with the licenses owned and issuing of correctness certificates,
  • running the ‘Hotline’, enabling reporting on any infringement of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act,
    cooperation with Lege Artis Service,
  • cooperation with Software & Information Industry Association on transferring to Poland of the know-how and experience on protection of software authors’ and producers’ interests,
  • supporting the process of the integration of Polish economy with the economies of the EU state members