Combating Piracy

For years, LEGE ARTIS SERVICE has been organizing and taking part in various trainings organised by police headquarters, police academies and other centres in Poland. These trainings discuss, for the most part, the methodology of conduct in cases concerning copyright and trademark protection, television broadcast signal theft, as well as identification of illegally launched products of the firms represented by LEGE ARTIS SERVICE.

Such trainings are generally aimed at facilitating prosecuting authorities’ fighting against the plague of copyright infringement. The scope of responsibilities of Police Economic Crime Units is very broad so it is essential to help them by passing information on the newest methods of combating piracy.

People who try to derive material benefit from illegal copying of products devise new methods to evade security solutions created, among others, by software producers and digital televisions. Moreover, criminals try to forge products so that they are as similar to the original as possible. That is why the LEGE ARTIS SERVICE staff are trained by their business partners and can pass the acquired knowledge in an accessible, interesting, and, most importantly, effective way, onto the authorities responsible for fighting against crime concerning infringement of intellectual property.

Due to trainings, the detectability of crime is rising, which directly leads to a decrease in losses generated by pirates. We can assure you that the LEGE ARTIS SERVICE staff are eager to pass acquired knowledge in an effective way, which will help you minimize losses incurred as a result of infringement of copyright. It will also have significant influence on the decrease in the number of clients swindled out by criminals at the expense of your firm’s image.