About us

LEGE ARTIS SERVICE is the most experienced company on the Polish market. The business was established soon after the Act on Copyright and Trademarks had been introduced on February 4, 1994. The company was set up by Bogdan Maculewicz and Krzysztof Kreutzinger under the business name LEGE ARTIS S.C. (Latin for according to the law) in early 1995 in Warsaw, based on structures being then in effect in Biuro Ochrony Własności Intelektualnej (Burreau for the Protection of Intellectual Property). Since the very beginning, the company has been protecting copyrights and trademarks, combating illegal transmission of television broadcast signals, fighting against unfair competition in the clothing, fuel, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toy, tool, photography and other industries, directly falling under the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act.

Since 1995, the company has continually been cooperating with the General Police Headquarters, its subordinate Provincial Police Headquarters, Customs Chambers, prosecutors and other units of law-enforcement authorities.

In 1999, Krzysztof Kreutzinger quit the company. Consequently, the organisational structure of the enterprise changed, becoming a sole-proprietorship, whose owner has been Bogdan Maculewicz, and changing its name to LEGE ARTIS SERVICE Bogdan Maculewicz.

In 2007 LEGE ARTIS SERVICE as the only firm in Poland started cooperating closely with Stowarzyszenie Dystrybutorów Programów Telewizyjnych SYGNAŁ (Television Programme Distributors Association SYGNAŁ), protecting copyrights of the associated firms from illegal transmission of broadcast signals.

Between 1995 and 2010, the company was protecting copyrights and trademarks of about 180 firms. Nowadays, it provides services to 132 business entities, protecting over 3,500 items, which, within the 15 years of the company’s activity, resulted in confiscation of goods of over PLN 100 mln value.

Since 2010, Lege Artis Service was transformed into a limited liability company headed by Radosław Maculewicz, who is also a court expert in the field of trademarks at the District Court in Warsaw and Bogdan Maculewicz became the vice president.