Our Offer

The activity of LEGE ARTIS SERVICE is aimed at protection of copyrights of your product, irrespective of whether it is computer software, an engineering solution, a trademark or a photo. All these goods are your property and are protected by law under the provisions of copyright and trademark law, Criminal Code and many other laws and acts. Infringement of these rights by other persons or business entities puts you at risk of limiting your income, slows down the development of your firm and very often has a negative influence on the way your products are perceived.

The actions aiming at protecting your intellectual property by LEGE ARTIS SERVICE include:

  • monitoring of end users and other persons violating copyrights,
  • organizing and conducting controlling operations on retailers and/or natural persons, suspected of launching or distributing illegally copied software,
  • revealing and controlling places of so-called ‘sharing’,
  • monitoring of potential places of illegal trade of filters, decoding cards and cable boxes obtained under false pretences,
  • controlling of places of illegal distribution, such as hotels, restaurants and illegal cable TV networks,
  • regular controlling of legality of subscriber lines,
  • providing information trainings for prosecutors, police officers and customs officers on the territory of Poland,
  • notifying the authorities of the system of justice about infringements of copyrights as well as about illegal copying of trademarks and industrial designs,
  • filing for criminal prosecution,
  • recovery and collection of lawful damages,
  • taking part in procedural actions as an adopted person during searches,
  • acting in front of judicial authorities,
  • monitoring of the Internet, paying special attention to trade offers, data exchange, discussion forums, auction portals and others.